Carrera bicycles Crossfire

, 17/07/17 between 3 and 4 pm.
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  • Stolen When

    17/07/17 between 3 and 4 pm.

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Bike Description

* front wheel is different as it was once replaced. * bike had  a pannier and a basket on the rear. *Disc brakes * rear tyre is Schwable Marathon, front is not.

Theft Description

The bike was in the back garden, it was not locked, but the garden's gate was. We went to so some shopping and when we came back, the bike was not there. A basket can be seen in one of the pictures, The other photos are old.

Recovery Description

I spotted my bike in front of a supermarket. I saw a matching model, hence I decided to have a closer look. On my bike, I have several differences from the factory defaults. 4 alterations made it suspicious, so I took a photo of its frame number and phoned the police (my frame number was reported when it was stolen). I told the police what frame number I found and they confirmed it is the one I reported in July 2017. They came out, cut off its lock and let me take the bike.