Stolen Carrera bicycles Crossfire 1 17

, 03/05/19-08/05/19 50 pounds
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  • Reward

    50 pounds

Bike Description

- hybrid bike with front suspension

- white frame with a fine grey-blue line; few black marks on the top from the locker

- shimano gear

- removable wheels, front one has foam filling and a valve adapter in place

 - black saddle with a 2x2 cm graze on the anterior part

- 2x Black SKS Btail XL mud sets

- Additional rear and front light support on bike

- Black D shaped locker and support

Theft Description

I last used the bike on Friday afternoon and left it in the closed bike shed situated in the rear communal garden. There were other bikes in the shed as well. The access gate to the garden is sometimes not locked and I cannot remember exactly if I locked it. On Wednesday I discovered it was missing from the shed.