Stolen Carrera Bicycle Carrera Zelos Mens Road bike 2020 – Black, Small

, Monday between 10am and 7pm
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    Monday between 10am and 7pm

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Bike Description

Black Carerra bike from Halfords. Had two black cycling bags. One attached to the top tube frame (specifically the  'TURATA Waterproof Bike Pouch Bag') and another attached underneath the seat on the seat post (specifically the 'Topeak Wedge Saddle Bike Bag') with equipment inside. The top tube frame has a scratch in the paint. As well as the left brake hood is a little loose. There used to be a bell attached (featured in pictures) but it broke and is therefore missing a bell now. Two detachable bike lights were attached. A white one on the handle bars and a red one on the seat post. It has also got a waterbottle cage screwed in on the seat tube. The bike has pedals straps.   It is a relatively new bike, it was purchased on the 4th of August, and therefore does not have many unique details.

Theft Description

The bike was parked and locked at my AUB (Arts University Bournemouth), when I returned it was gone. There was nothing left behind, and no remains of any lock - as if the bike was never parked.