Stolen Carrera bicycles Axle 2.0

, 27/07/2020 25

Bike Description

Black 20" Axle 2.0, Blue writing, Had a Marin USA bag, a bedford road cycling club water botter, A catseye light and a bell, front and rear mudflaps. Was pretty new, about 9 months old, but brought off a friend a few months ago.

Theft Description

Was stolen from my hallway whilst I was cooking by a homeless crackhead called Chewman/chewy (I know the homeless in the area so quickly found out his name), I found out his either staying at two addresses 61 victoria road (haven't checked yet) or 10 de parys (he hasn't been back here in a few days), Police are too slow, WAY to slow. So like, hopefully it turns up, If it doesn't, well... sad times.