Cannondale 2013 Trigger 2

, 4 p.m. 11/09/2017

Bike Description

Remarkable single fork bike with front fast-fender mudflap. You can not miss it because of the long white half-fork and the fast-fender front mudflap! White with blue and black elements. Red pedals. Light blue handle grips. FOX DYAD rear shock. 26'' wheels. Stolen at 4 p.m. 11/09/2017 in Coventry.  

Theft Description

Front door kicked-opened and bike taken from the porch. Plenty of people around picking up kids from school (KHVIII in Coventry). Maybe someone has seen the crime or a person riding off on a white Cannondale bike with a single fork. Very remarkable bike! Please help!

Recovery Description

Recovered from local CASHgenerator store with the help of the West Midlands Police - Big Thanks! Turned out to be opportunistic theft. Advice: Act fast! Always worth checking all local cash-converters and online auctions straight away! General advice: Do not keep your bike on a patio - lock it away out of sight. Don't advertise it to the thief like we did!