Stolen Cannondale Unknown

, Wednesday 30th May 2018
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    Wednesday 30th May 2018

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Bike Description

I don't know the exact name of the model, it was sold to me by a mate of mine last Sunday. The bike is a black Cannondale sports bike with the logo written in big white letters on the frame. The seat is light brown and the pedals are silver. There is NO suspension at all. The tyres are worn out a bit. The bike is very quiet and in excellent condition. There is a small white mark on the upper frame but it's quite visible. The bike has got 8 speeds. There was a black and red U Lock on it. Stolen around the Cambridge Heath overground station area in Bethnal Green E2 9EX East London.  

Theft Description

The stand where the bike was has been forced and pushed up from the ground. The bike was securely attached to the bike stand.