Stolen Calibre Bossnut

, 4/8/18 £50
  • Colour

    Black, White and Green (strips)

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Bike Description

RockShock adjustable air forks front and rear.  Shimano Deore rear mech.  Bee line rear tyres.  Full suspension mountain bike with oversized front handlebars

Theft Description

Bike stolen from Mile End Park area.  Had four locks, one was particularly hefty.  I was away at the time.  Four guys rocked up with bolt cutters.  A kind person from flat adjacent was screaming at them to stop, even filmed them.  They apparently told the kind lady to f*k off and threatened her.  Also threatened to take her bike too (she was on 2nd floor).  They eventually left, as she told them she had called the police.  The police turned up by which time they had gone.  Bike still on the roof.  Then two hours later, they came back and took the bike.  It was worth £1000.  I thought FOUR LOCKS would do the trick, how wrong I was. Amazed at how determined they were, even when being filmed.  They were also confronted by a boater nearby.