, 23rd of Oct, between 10.30am and 10pm
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  • Stolen When

    23rd of Oct, between 10.30am and 10pm

Bike Description

The B’twin logo on either side of the frame has been covered up with red gaffa, and some small, gold star stickers has been put in that area. There’s also a gold star sticker on the bell which is on the left hand side of the handlebar. Attached on the bike is a white front and red back light, B’twin fabric handlebar bottle cage, B’twin black hand pump attached to the frame, a black B’twin B’clip Tilt pannier rack w/some black bungees, a red & a blue key lock, a kick stand and a home made phone holder. On the pedals a little strip of black grip tape has been added. There’s two orange bicycle wheel reflectors on the front wheel, and only one on the back wheel.

Theft Description

The bike was locked to the bike stands on Duchess Walk, on the corner of The Ivy near Tower Bridge between 10.30am-10.00pm on 23rd of Oct with a combined bike/motorbike lock w/code. There was an additional grey lock w/code on the front wheel and the handlebar had been folded down.