Boardman Bikes BBL HYB COMP 49cm MD ’16

, 10/4/17 I would be eternally grateful and £50.
  • Colour

    Grey and yellow

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  • Reward

    I would be eternally grateful and £50.

Bike Description

My bike is a yellow nd silver boardman with a bottle holder a black and orange phone holder below the handle bars, a pump below the saddle.

In the bottle holder there's a "BULKPOWDERS" black water bottle. Also there could be a bit of blood on the bike, because my nose was bleeding just before it got stolen. I had just brought some brand new Shimano pedals with cleats, but can be ridden without clipping in on one side of the pedal. The handle bars are straight as it's a hybrid bike, the frame is quite like a road bike though. 49cm frame   ALSO THE FRONT WHEEL HAS ONE SPOKE WHICH IS SLIGHTLY BENT FROM WHEN I HAD TRUED OR DAMAGED PREVIOUS TO THAT.

Theft Description

<p style="text-align: left;">I was working for Deliveroo when I had to go to crowne plaza hotel to drop food off, I left the bike outside. I had to go to the toilet first to blow and wash my nose as I had fallen off and my nose was bleeding and I had only been inside a minute or two, but when I came out someone was there with my bike. So I ran out as quickly as I could, but he was riding off. He looked up at me from outside the hotel as he was taking it.</p> i tried to chase him down the road, but he rode off quite fast. I got to the end of Wollaton St, I know he went left along the tram lines outside The Theatre Royal, but I'm not sure if he went up Talbot St or along the tram lines passing The Arboretum, Forest Fields and then towards Hyson Green. i then asked people walking if they saw anyone riding off on the bike and they all said they didn't see anything. The suspect was a white male, about 5ft 11inch wore a baseball cap, hoodie and jeans (I think) After that I went back to the hotel and they said they have good cctv footage they would be willing to help out with the police.  I did call the police and they said the Crime Bureau will be in contact with me. Also all the Deliveroo community in Nottingham are aware so they will be helping me find it.

Recovery Description

I spotted him outside the Job Centre in Nottingham City Centre. Lucky for me. Called police after locking my bike up with my own lock.