Stolen Babboe Big E

, 10/10/2015 Eternal gratitude
  • Colour

    Black frame, wooden box, red rainhood The

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When


  • Crime Reference Number

    CAD 3247

  • Reward

    Eternal gratitude

Bike Description

My Babbie Big E got stolen last night (10/10/2015) in Tottenham. I still have the battery and the battery key. So, they either have to cycle the bike without a battery or order a new one and a new controlbox, as they cant use it without the key. Also, the gassprings in the bike are broken, due to an earlier accident. Any unexperienced cyclist, with children in the bike, will endanger their kids, as the steering is rough. Any other distinctive marks: hole in the rainhood in the fabric on the right hand side.  The thief is a white man, hoodie, glasses, according to my neighbour. The bike was stolen around 3am, being carried from the back and walked towards WOOD GREEN