Author Inspire 29 2013

, 18.1.2017 9:55
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    18.1.2017 9:55

Bike Description

It is a silver/white/black Author bike (not sold in the UK), should be quite unique if anyone tries to sell it. It has scratch marks all over the bike, the tyres are different - schwalbe Smart sam on the back wheel, and Ritchey on the front one wheel.

Theft Description

Small boy around 12-13 years went into the alley next to the house, through two gates, clamped the lock and run away on the bike. He was seen leaving with the bike, had brown hair, blue sweatshirt and black addidas bag (might be fake addidas).

Recovery Description

Police was most unhelpfull, they actually told me that the bike theft is so low priority for them that they do not car. Eventhough there was a ad on gumtree with photos and telephone number of the guy, they did not even want me to try to prove that it is my bike so I can get a policeman to come with me to recover the bike. So I arranged a meeting with the guy, three of 15 years or so old guys came and I asked for a test ride of the bike. When I was on it and a few meter off I just went for it and basically had to steal the bike back.