Stolen Apollo evade

, 09/08/2017
  • Colour

    white and blue

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


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Bike Description

Bike was brand you. Had it for 5 days. It is a men's bike white frame with a blue part near the front wheel. It had mudguards and it was missing the front light.

Theft Description

The bike was locked all day outside Cardiff library across Wagamama. When I finished work I went to pick it and I noticed that the plastic cover of lock was removed. The lock seemed fine. It was late to go buy a new one so I went home. I left it in the parking load (as usual with other bikes) I pulled the lock to check if it s still ok and it was ok. 10-15' later I saw a man approaching the bike casually twisted the lock pull the bike, ride it and leave. The incident happened in the area of bay near the police station. The person who took it was male, early thirties, dark hair, beard, tan skin. He was wearing jeans and a dark hoodie.