Ammaco Classique

, 10/02/2016 On successful return of the bike

Bike Description

Stolen from Cambridge Bike station on 10/02/2016. Placed on GumTree by seller 'Jake' on same day (phone number: 07847689608) Will not answer my calls. Has since been removed from GumTree (by seller or GumTree) and I have reported to the police, but so far, no luck. Distinctive basket, not an original, brown wicker, slightly wonky. Chain is a bit rusty, paintwork slightly chipped and the handlebar leather is a bit worn. Reward for safe return/info that leads to return.

Theft Description

Was locked in Cambridge bicycle park. Lock was broken by thief and bike stolen. Thief 'Jake' has uploaded to GumTree, won't answer my call. His number is 07847689608.

Recovery Description

The police in a sting operation