Theft Proof Your Bike The Ridiculous Way

Theft Proof Your Bike The Ridiculous Way
John Moss
By John Moss
April 9, 2012

I’ve just found this very funny blog post, from someone who clearly sees the funny side.

“Nothing sucks worse than having your bike stolen. I have friends who have had upwards of three bikes stolen, and I have upwards of ten friends who have had any bike stolen. Bike theft is easy in cities and college campuses. Bikes seem to grow like flowers, and people will pay for a used bike without asking too many questions about its origin. Bike theft is a good way for people to make some quick cash. Heck, if I weren’t the moral, upstanding person I choose to be, I’d totally steal a nice sports bike to pay the rent.

They say that when outrunning a grizzly bear, you don’t necessarily need to be fast; you just need to be faster than the person behind you…

The same rule applies to bike theft. You don’t need to make your bike super secure. To prevent bike theft, you just need to make your bike slightly more annoying and unattractive than the other bikes on the rack.

Or you can always get a pennyfarthing bicycle. It’s impossible to look cool while stealing a pennyfarthing bicycle. I certainly wouldn’t do it.”

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