Stolen YT Industries YT Capra Pro Race CF 2016

, 23rd July between 2am-5am

Bike Description

customised YT capra from 2016 carbon fibre frame rebuilt rear wheels after smashing previous rim to pieces. Bike is in perfect working order entirely new bearings all over. Custom hope brakes. Ritchey wheels front and back except rear rim is a DT Swiss rim. Bike was going to be listed for sale the day before it had been robbed so I had already prepared photos and a description for the eBay listing although I never actually listed the bike.

Theft Description

Thieves broke into the garden through locked gate into locked garage without waking anyone who up even though dogs and people were all within 10m radius. The shed door was the weakest point of the security however once in the shed the bikes were locked with an assortment of locks and anchored to a metal fixed surface. The thieves then cut the locks except one tethering three bikes together ahit was supposed to prevent people from being able to carry them around however it seems to have been a 2+ person job. A few weeks before I had been followed by a navy blue Mercedes’ estate vehicle that had 4 25-40 year old men inside that only stopped following after I began purposely driving and indicating erratically to shake them. They however saw the car and pointed at the bike when I first noticed them following. I believe these people could be responsible for the theft as I do not have any other people that should know the location of these bikes I very rarely have visitors or post any photos of the bikes themselves and keep my address private. However I do regularly ride to and from my house on the enduro as I live at the foot of a hill meaning someone else could have followed