Trax TFS.1 Womens Full Suspension Mountain Bike

, In the evening of 29/01/2018 or early 30/01/2018
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  • Stolen When

    In the evening of 29/01/2018 or early 30/01/2018

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Bike Description

The 3 on the gears on the handle bar has faded and the rubber on the end of the left handle bar has come off a bit. The front brake cable noodle is new and the back one is older and slightly rusty. The rear wheel has a mud guard and the front does not, it also has a metal bike stand on the left of the bike which has a black rubber base. The image is not my actual bike but is the exact same make and model.

Theft Description

Bike is kept on my drive behind a gate that requires a key code to open it, I last saw it at 6pm on 29/01/2018 and it was gone by 8am on 30/01/2018.

Recovery Description

I found my bike by chance left against some railings half a mile from where it was stolen, thankfully the only damage is a few scuffs presumably from being thrown over my fence.