Stolen sukuki gn125

, 6 pm saturday 21st september yes

Bike Description

Modified  Suzuki GN125. Cafe racer/scrambler shape. Sliver, debadged tank, no laquer, just paint. Black frame, with back end cut off, and indicators mounted in the left over holes, one held on with electrical tape. Twin circular, tail lights. Silver hfy canister rear shocks with black springs. Mismatched wheels, rear is spoked, front is alloy. Exhaust is a short tapered can, side mounted, not under slung. With a triangular black heatshield. Brass battery isolator behind exhaust, where battery should be, with a green capped screw switch. Black and silver, Clip on handle bars with heated grips. Single circular speedo/tacho, black. Black flat seat, faux leather, with 'ben 10'  skateboard as the base. Silver and red, pod air filter.

Theft Description

Stolen from outside 56 beechwood terrace in burly/headingly area but to young males around 18-20y/o.