Stolen Specialized Allez Elite 2013/14

, 12:40 on 4th July 2018 £100
  • Colour

    White with small bits of red and black lettering

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    12:40 on 4th July 2018

  • Crime Reference Number


  • Reward


Bike Description

White Specialized allez elite road bike (2013/14 model) with some red and black decals and black lettering. Mavic Cosmic wheels, Shimano SPD-SL clipless pedals and tiagra brakes (the rear brake caliper was new literally this morning!), the front brake is silver, the rear brake is gun metal grey. The bike has a metal ‘Lifeline’ stem handlebar front plate, which has an integrated garmin mount and GoPro mount underneath - this holds the handlebars in place and unless they replace this single part, they will not be able to sell the bike without this unit...this is the item that makes the bike unique. It has a few scuffs, the deepest one is on the forward face of the seat tube, just above the bottle cage screws (only one red and black bottle cage fitted to the bike). It is a deep scrape which has come from constant removing and stowing of the seat stay bottle (from before I removed the bottle cage). It has a heavily worn tiagra crank which is a dull silver (old version of tiagra). Unless they change it, the saddle is very forward leaning with the nose of the saddle quite obviously pointing down towards the top tube. I doubt they will make the effort to change that. When stolen there was a GoPro mount attached beneath the saddle but this may have been removed for a sale. The seat stays have a black velcro-style patch on the inside of the stays where a mark 3 roadracer mudguard was previously mounted over the rear wheel. The pictures should fill in any gaps I’ve left out!

Theft Description

Bike taken by cutting through cable lock with bolt cutters outside Watershed and The Stables on Bristol harbourside at 12:40. Thief was observed on CCTV and described as black male wearing black leather jacket, white flat cap, white 3/4 length trousers and white trainers. Bolt cutters were concealed under jacket. Suspect walked up to bike and rode off with it down Anchor Road. After much searching around the city, the bike was then spotted in St Paul’s on Grosvenor Road Triangle at 18:12 and two males were observed with/guarding the bike. One man was tall and skinny (approx 6”1) with North African/Middle Eastern ethnicity, black hair, a moustache, and wearing dark trousers and a dark grey hoodie. Second man was of a similar race, slightly shorter with a bit of a belly (approx 5”8-5”10), wearing grey shorts (dark and light grey), with a grey hoodie, black trainers with white soles and a black backpack. He had shaved hair on the sides and tight curly black hair with blond tips on the top. A third and fourth male were acting as sentries; one with dreadlocks, black shorts with some white paint splatters on, a black t-shirt, and a red bandana; the other was tall (6”3+) with a grey hoodie and a long yellow t-shirt underneath. He seemed to know everyone gathered around the square. All the group were twitchy whenever police drove past, but despite me calling the police numerous times during the two hour observing of the situation (keeping eyes on the bike), they never showed up and eventually they rode off (taller of the pair on my bike, the shorter fatter one on his own bike - a black hybrid bike of some sort with a thin mudguard sticking up behind). I watched them head towards the St Paul’s junction at the cross roads on Ashley Road, and head towards the M32 roundabout (this was just before 20:00). About an hour later I drove past the area and the surrounding streets in my car but could not see any of the original group unfortunately. I believe the group live in the area surrounding the Grosvenor Road Triangle in St Paul’s and expect to see the bike being attempted to be sold in the coming couple of days. Any information would be greatly appreciated, please contact the police on 999 if the bike is observed with people in attendance (which was their advice to me also), and on 101 if observed static/locked up. As far as I could tell when observing, they had made no changes to the bike at that point. Fingers crossed!!