Stolen Raleigh Colette

, Between 18:30 and 22:30 on 12/09/17
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    Between 18:30 and 22:30 on 12/09/17

Bike Description

Stolen from East Avenue, Cowley, Oxford. The bike looks very like the photo below, although this is NOT ACTUALLY the bike. It looks well used but is in good working condition, although the mudguards are slightly scuffed. The most recognisable detail is the name 'Colette' written on the frame. The following were attached to the bike when it was stolen:
  • A silver pannier rack (see link for image of similar
  • A black wire basket, attached by black cable ties to the rear rack (see link for image of similar There is an extra cable tie attached loosely to the back of the basket from which I hang my rear light.
  • A faded and scratched ladybird bell made by Pylones (see link for image of similar

Theft Description

I didn't see the theft but the (substantial) lock must have been cut and the bike cover (zebra striped) was torn/cut off and left. The bike had been attached to a lamppost opposite nos. 66-68 on East Avenue, Cowley.