Planet X London Road

, 14.00 14/11/18
  • Colour

    Zesty Lime (Green)

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    14.00 14/11/18

  • Crime Reference Number


Bike Description

A lime green planet X London road with drop handlebars, disc brakes, open chain. Stolen from the Homerton University Hospital.

Theft Description

Two thieves, one male, one female, both white, used an angle grinder to cut two locks (one chain lock sold secure gold, one U-lock sold secure silver), and then rode off out of the back of the hospital.

Recovery Description

Found on gumtree using findthatbike, went with several friends including an off duty police officer. Asked the guy if I could give it a look over, checked the frame number, once I had confirmed it was mine one friend dialled 999, and the off duty officer made himself known. The thief sat down and waited with us, there were a few people around who I'm pretty sure were with him, but there were enough of us that we were safe. Police came quickly took statements, arrested the man, and let me have my bike back. Obviously it's against all the advice and I definitely wouldn't say do this l, but having an off duty officer with us and someone to call 999 made us safer.