Stolen Not sure Cube

, 175 September
  • Colour

    Sea blue and white

  • Frame Number

    I never look at the frame

  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    175 September

  • Crime Reference Number

    I waiting for one now I thought this was the fill in to get one from as carnt get though on phone line and was told to do it on here

Bike Description

I I havnt got a picture of my  bike  but it was stolen outside the gym I use in camberley I lock  the bike up just outside the gym I reported it to gym person how  told me to go up to the bloke that would have ctv but I have got to report it to the police for a crime  reference number I rung but said I got to do it on line which I going do now leave bike outside about 1145and went back to get it after coming out of the gym but was missing  between 130to 145 around about it has I little rip on the seat on left side and bottle holder one red light fix at the back and a little white light at the front which is a bit loose   please could  u get back to me regarding my  stolen bike as I had it for a long time and I really upset  it gone thank you t kavanagh