Stolen No name, scratched off Dutch style bike (no basket)

, 24/04/18 £100
  • Colour

    Dark Blue

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Bike Description

God knows why anyone would steal my absolute banger of a bike that constantly breaks down and squeaks as it moves but it was really sentimental to me. I bought it when I first arrived in London with zero money so I could roam around freely and not pay for the bus/tube. Please let me know if you see it! I miss it a lot. Dark blue/Navy bike. scratched quite a good bit. Brown fake leather sadle, large dirty cream wheels, brown fake leather handles that have been laced up with a shoelace type thing. The corks say 'G'. Back light doesn't work neither does the front. Rose gold bell that doesn't work.

Theft Description

They cut my lock off during the night, it was next to Mare St Market