Marin Bolinas Ridge

, Tuesday 2nd February 2016 (between 11am and 4.15pm) Making a very sad teenager happy - My son saved up his money to buy this bike, which he is passionate about.
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    Tuesday 2nd February 2016 (between 11am and 4.15pm)

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    Making a very sad teenager happy - My son saved up his money to buy this bike, which he is passionate about.

Bike Description

Marin Bolinas Ridge 18" mountain bike - silver aluminium frame - 26" tyres - several new Shimano parts since photos displayed here.  Ex-police bike!

Theft Description

My son's bike was stolen from Bluecoat Beechdale Academy in Bilborough, Nottingham during or just after school on Tuesday 2 February.  The bike was secured by a bike chain in the school bike hub.  The thief would have had to cut through the chain in broad daylight!  CCTV footage of the area is currently being examined.

Recovery Description

Received yet another notification yesterday through this site* about a Marinbike posted for sale on Gumtree - checked it out - no pics, vague description in poor English... Texted the seller to ask for info, received a series of photos in return. I couldn't be 100% sure it was my son's bike so I arranged to go and view the bike later that day. In the meantime, I phoned the police (101) and gave them the heads-up that I intended to pose as prospective buyer. They couldn't allocate an officer in time and I wasn't going to miss our only chance, so my teenage son and I went ahead, armed with nerves of steel and a code word for my son to use if he was positive it was his bike. We went in to the seller's house in the dodgiest part of the city and there was no doubt it was my son's bike (minus the seat) - he said the code word - (followed by an inwardly tense moment when my phone rang and I knew it was the police so I casually stepped outside to take my 'business call') and I then went back in and told the guy we'd take the bike, asked where the nearest cash point was and we tootled off in that direction.... Walked the opposite way round the block back to the car, parked at a safe distance from the property. I called the police back to update them, then called the 'seller' back to stall him (realised the bike wouldn't fit in my car so I needed to go back in another car lol...) A couple of hours later the police called us to say they had seized the bike and were questioning the suspect.... and that we could collect the bike from the police station. My lad was beside himself!! :-) The 'seller' was merely caught handling stolen property and is unlikely to be charged (unfortunately) due to lack of 'realistic prospect of conviction' - not enough evidence to link the guy to the actual theft, he gave a 'reasonable' explanation as to how he came to have the bike in his possession...) However, the individual who stole the bike last month was caught on CCTV and positively identified, so we're hoping for a conviction. Never imagined we'd be one of the (sadly) rare recovery success stories but it just goes to show: it isn't impossible - if your bike gets pinched, don't give up and get involved (without compromising your own safety!) *Thank you Stolen Bikes UK - your site is brilliant!