Stolen Marin Bikes 1993 Bobcat Trail

, 21/03/2022 Sleep at night knowing you have helped out a partly suicidal teens mental health
  • Colour

    Silver and Teal

  • Frame Number

    26 inch

  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When


  • Reward

    Sleep at night knowing you have helped out a partly suicidal teens mental health

Bike Description

Silver frame with Teal Accents, simple black rubber handlebars but they were worn out so the theif might have replaced them or has been using the handles bare without the rubber in which case it would just look like bare metal handle bars. Seat was nice and slim thick with mini streaks of blue in an Adidas-esque pattern on the left or right side of the seat buttock region. Black metal bottle carrier was attached to the frame making it more distinctive than other bikes of the exact same model as other bikes of the exact same model have a teal blue wire bottle carrier matching the bike's theme but mine was just simply black.

Theft Description

I was at college when it happened when the thief walked up to my bike that was locked up, pulled out cutting pliers out of his bag and chopped my lock off before riding my bike away. College security were no help at all, they however did tell me this brief description. I had kept an eye out on the police site the college had informed and did manage to find the picture of the thief. In one of the photos I have provided you can see he is wearing a black cap, light brown face mask, black rucksack & a jacket with a white chest and red arm. (unsure of the brands specifically). The police have since removed the case from their site as a certain amount of time has passed since it happened however the wound still remains fresh on my heart as all I've ever tried to be in life is a genuine kind hearted person despite masking all my mental struggles of every waking second of my day, in which riding my bike did help me out a great deal of extending the brief mental highs of true calm I would be blessed with every now and then.