Louis Garneau LGS Flite dual suspension

, Between 4 pm on 26 Nov 2020 and 3 pm on 29 Nov 2020 £100
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    Between 4 pm on 26 Nov 2020 and 3 pm on 29 Nov 2020

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Bike Description

A small size dual suspension mountain bike with mud guards, rear mirror, frame and saddle bag, water bottle, front and rear lights, cateye meter and locks.

Theft Description

It was stolen with another bike locked together from the bike shed of Huller and Cheese, Redcliff Backs, Bristol BS1 6WJ. The chains and lock were cut.

Recovery Description

I was informed by someone who took my bike back from a known thief while this thief was stealing something in his shop and got caught, leaving my bike behind. I am so grateful that he found me on this stolen-bkies.co.uk website, as I left my contact details. We met this afternoon and I was being handed back this bike, though the accessories like saddle bag, speedmeter, rear mirror, bell, front and rear lights, and mudguards were all gone. This is a unique bike that can hardly be found on the market and I am filled with joy to have it recovered, though it was heavily abused and in an extremely dirty state. Million thanks to the kind gentleman who found and returned my bike!