Lapierre Raid 327

, 12th December/13thDecember £50
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  • Stolen When

    12th December/13thDecember

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Bike Description

(Trying to get the frame number from the shop I got the bike from) The bike stolen has had the front dérailleur taken off by me which is quite a noticeable thing about it. I've not seen another one of these around Edinburgh and I think it's quite noticeable with the colour scheme. Can't think of any other really noticeable things other than the dérailleur being taken off.

Theft Description

Was taken from a stairwell in my building just near Nicholson Street. I went out at about 6pm on December 12th and returned home at 1.30am December 13th and it was gone, thief had got into the building and cut my lock.

Recovery Description

A kind chap through this site text me and said my bike was on Gumtree, I resisted the urge to retrieve it myself and got the Police involved. Luckily they got to the guys house before he sold it.. They also found some other bikes he'd stolen. Thank you very much!