Stolen Kalkhoff Endeavour 3.B MOVE

, 4.20pm
  • Colour


  • Frame Number

    PN 637 527 034

  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When


  • Crime Reference Number

    not known yet

Bike Description

Green e-bike with integrated battery and mid-height crossbar. There is a fitting in the middle of the handlebar for a handlebar bag. Two serial numbers SN 635 660 017 and PN 637 527 034 Has done about 800 miles. The battery was low, and I have the key, the local retailer has been alerted and so this bike will have limited use for anyone. A combination lock was around the bike frame and a cast iron railing. The thief broke the cast iron railing in two places to steal the bike from a busy city centre street, so the combination lock may still be wrapped around the bike frame.

Theft Description

The bike was stolen from  outside my house, on a busy street just feet away from my office. The thief appears to have cut the cast iron Georgian railing in two places and cycled the bike away (the front and back lights were on)  - using the electrics. So it seems they were pretty accomplished at stealing bikes. No sightings since it was stolen.