Stolen Halfords black Apollo Spiral bike

Bike Description

Apollo Spiral Halfords black womens mountain bike missing today on May 14th after 1pm in a nature walk spot. Was locked on a wooden fence, but failed to realise the fence was insecure and person managed to break the top of the fence and steal the bike. All stickers were removed on the bike. It is exactly the one on the second photo, but just without the stickers. First photo is the actual bike right before it was stolen an hour or so after! Had a basket, saddle cover, and combination code lock. All pictures are exactly what the bike had (from the exact original sources). Nature spot was behind Tesco express, wombwell lane. A hidden nature field/destination. Also had a trans penine trail deeper in. Kind of pissed off that someone had the audacity to take it, but if you took it, contact me and give it back, asshole... I had to walk all the way back home from being in the middle of nowhere (eyeroll). It would be much appreciated and no further action will take place... My phone number is: 07576645533