Stolen GT Bicycles Chucker

, Yesterday at 10pm £20
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    Yesterday at 10pm

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Bike Description

thick, grey, jumping dirt bike with thick wheels and pedals. Grey body with GT CHUCKER written down iy. Big front suspension with 'LAUNCH' stickers on them red D-lock was attached Worcester College Sticker on it. It had a green seat cover on it. The left pedal was loose and always needed tightening. some scuff scratches on the chassis

Theft Description

I came out of Hertford college (by the main gate - opposite the Bodleian) and saw a homeless man next to my bike (which was chained to the fence to the left of the main entrance (where the porters are)), I thought that I should go and move my bike, or at least tell him to move along. Then I hated myself for judging him that he was going to steal it. I leave, walk under the bridge of sighs and down the little ally towards the turf tavern. however, on my way, I notice we are missing a person from our group, so I return back to Hertford and find that my bike had gone. - He left my helmet though which is nice of him. He was about 5'10", White Male, maybe mid 30's, missing several teeth. Thin, wearing a baggy black long sleeve top, and brown trousers, with a bumfluffy beard.