Stolen Enduro Ebike

, 11/07/2021 £300
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    No number as bike cutom build.

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Bike Description

All this has been installed into the bike:
1. 1000w rear hub motor
2. Two front lights, front turns and rear lights with turns.
3. Enduro Ebike frame with sticker "GPS tracking system"
4. Standart ebike LCD with battery percentage, speed, etc.
5. Has phone holder with wireless/ USB charging.
6. Rear rack installed with rear lights.
7. Full suspension bike with rear mad guard from SUR RON LIGHT BEE.
8. A black colour controller is fitted underneath the frame.
9. Throttle with battery voltage screen and key. It won't start without a key.
10. Tektro dorado 4 piston rear and front brakes with 225mm rotor on rear and 202mm front.
11. Two U locks are locked on the handlebar of the bike.
12. Right side mirror.
13. Front fork has cracked, so had to glue it with white plastic.

Theft Description

I'm a part-time Uber Eats rider, so using my bike to deliver fast food. I've finished delivering at 1 AM in the morning and when got to my house, left bike 1 metre from my front door, went inside to put Uber Eats bag. In this 10 seconds bike was already gone as thieves were following me. Two of them came in a dirtbike, the passenger took my bike and super fat took to a road were for him was waiting for motorcycle. So a soon bike thief sat on my bike, he grabbed motorcycle frame and they both gone very fast with no chance to me to catch at least rear rack of my bike... My phone was clipped inside my phone holder at the moment of theft. A few hours later I found my phone 1.5 miles from my house. Thieves couldn't unlock my phone quickly and decided to throw it out in the river but it staked in tall grasses so at least I RECOVERED MY PHONE.