Stolen Dawes Giro 400

, 11/08/2020 between 7pm and 8.30pm 50
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    11/08/2020 between 7pm and 8.30pm

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Bike Description

It is a road bike with a mostly greyish-black frame. On the lower tube there is a white area. The back tyre is black and the front tyre is red and black. The handle bar is black with silver breaks and a red bell attached. It got two bottle holders, a silver metal one and a black plastic one on the vertical tube. There is a sticker towards the bottom of the frame close to the of the gears by "Stan's cycles" from Shrewsbury. The saddle was white and black.

Theft Description

The theft happened in Greenwich (SE London) close to the cutty sark on 11/08/2020 around 7pm-8.30pm. The bike was attached to siver metal railings with another road bike which was stolen at the same time. Helmets were left behind.