Stolen Cube Analog 29

, 2nd of july 2018 at 17:09 £30
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    2nd of july 2018 at 17:09

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Bike Description

It's a cube Analogue 29(stolen right Infront of me(2nd of july 2018 at 17:09 roughly) whilst I was on the phone to work related stuff, he was struggling with my gears but got away), had it for 2 years, the bike isn't completely stock, it's got a new rear wheel and different disk, two locks on the handle bars, a half torn sticker on the rear of the frame, couple scratches on the top part of the frame, the hydraulic switch on the handle bar is really stiff, stickers on the wheels are starting to not stick, original seat, rusty pedals, front wheel is black and silver with original stickers, rear wheel is full black with red stickers, there's a black bottle holder on the the placement spot, a cyan/light blue cable stop thing on the end where the hydraulic switch is, there might be some tape on the saddle bar to put a light holder on there, shimano breaks and gear/chain stuff,.

Theft Description

<ol> <li>I was on my phone whilst my bike was right next to me, my rear tire was hitting my leg, he jumped on my bike, in shock I dropped everything and ran after him, my gears are a bit crap so he struggled but got away. It was on London road, Infront of Melos and TJ Hughes in Liverpool.</li> </ol>