Stolen Compass Local Men’s Hybrid Bike

, Between the 4th and the 5th of April

Bike Description

The bike may have a basket attached and also had a silver helmet with it. As shown in the images it also has a red band below the seat. The bike is in a used condition.

Theft Description

Someone has gained access through the front self locking door of our block of apartments. You need a key to access this unless someone has left it ajar, the bell for a flat has been used and they've been let in or they have used the trades button.They have then gone to the cupboard under the stairs and taken the bike. We only started using it again a few days ago so I believe someone knew it was there. Each internal apartment has it's own lock so I don't think they will have been looking to enter a house. Can be returned the same way it was taken, it was my partners transport to work.