Stolen Chris Boardman Boardman TEAM TXC 650b

, Monday 9th December 2019 NCN London Road £100.00
  • Colour

    Grey carbon

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    Monday 9th December 2019 NCN London Road

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Bike Description

The bike is a Chris boardman, Boardman TEAM 650b. Looks like pic other than following details;
  1.  The seat has been changed to a plain black one.
  2. Seat post is stuck in position, making height adjustment impossible.
  3. Front disc is distinctively different to rear disc.
  4. Rear disc is cable operated, not hydraulically operated as should be on this bike.
  5. Front & rear tyres are DSI's.
  6. Rear tyre is well worn with distinctive square pattern on centre of tyre tread, where worn.
  7. Cables that come from handlebars (gear cables) that go down to frame are coupled together with cable ties. Cable ties are black.
  8. Patches of the handlebars have been sanded down & coloured in with a black marker.
  9. Handle bar Grips are Carrera GT grips!
  10. Whole front brake assembly (other than disc) has been removed.

Theft Description

Bike was locked up at 8:30am at the New College Nottingham, London Road (opposite Hooters) in the bike shed. When I returned at 2:30pm my bike lock had been cut & my bike gone. CCTV footage shows a male riding out of the college entrance/exit onto London Road.