Stolen CBR Slalom

  • Colour

    Electric blue

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When


  • Crime Reference Number

    265 190621

Bike Description

CBR Slalom bike with electric blue frame, had it since I was a teen in the mid 2000’s so not a new bike. Electric blue frame. 6 gears, says ‘SRAM Max’ on the gear changer (right handle bar). ‘Pro gel’ seat. Frame top bar says ‘slalom’ while lower bar says ‘CBR’. The left pedal was taped up with black electrical tape due to cracks in the plastic. Silver metal bell painted bright yellow on top (painted over a Barbie sticker). The brake cables are a sort of holographic silver. Had recently attached a water bottle frame to the lower bar and clips for a bike pump.

Theft Description

The bike was locked up in a car park under the flat block I live in, in Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne locked with 2 interlinked bike locks which had been cut through (rubber coated wire, quite thick). The car park is gated and locked but is sometimes left unlocked (it’s up to tenants). I had used the bike just the afternoon of the day it was stolen- I left it at approx 5:10pm and found it missing at 11:55pm. The cut of the lock was very clean, clearly very intentional. The lock was through both tyres and around the frame and a pillar in the car park. Other bikes in the same car park with metal D-locks were untouched.