Stolen Carrera Carrera with large wheels see image LTD addition, it says.

, Forres No charges for recovery, if not damaged.
  • Colour

    Black with Orange highlights.

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When


  • Crime Reference Number

    Have it if required by finder.

  • Reward

    No charges for recovery, if not damaged.

Bike Description

Stolen 22nd/23rd April 2018 near health centre Forres between 20:00 & 0300 next day. One mud guard on rear, bike been seen around Forres academy cycle track in woods. Young 14 year old seen with it, early reports say.   Please help find me bike, my legs need the exercise, plus i am skint so no chance of replacement. Nothing special i know, just my bike and i like it, hate thief's in Forres, Moray.

Theft Description

Bike stolen between 22nd 2200 hrs to 23rd 03:00 April 2018. Torridon Park, Forres, IV36 1FP Police have been informed and are looking.   Only bike in Forres like this due to limited addition version. Large 28 inch wheels. Front suspension only, one mudguard. Lock still on bike.