Stolen Carerra Hellcat

, 12/02/2018 at around 15:00

Bike Description

My bike was stolen from Leicester Town Center earlier today. The bike is a Carerra Hellcat in Silver/Grey color. It had a clock/speedometer on the handlebar stem. There were also a front and back rubber-back light clips. The chain was very slightly rusty the last time I checked and the right grip on the handlebars had a slight slice through the rubber. I also had a bell on the left side of the handles. Other than all of that, I can't think of any other distinct features but please, if you see anything. Let me know

Theft Description

I arrived in the town center, locked up my bike next to two other bikes. I went to KFC, I was there for 5-10 minutes and when I came back, my lock was on the floor (broken) and my bike was nowhere to be seen. I asked around at some familiar faces that I saw before I went to KFC and nobody was aware of any activity. Asides from this, I also walked down the high street and checked all of the other bikes and a lot of them were broken or had no wheels attached to them, only assuming that the town center has been very prone to bike thefts lately.