Stolen Carrera bicycles Sulcata

, Thursday 12 September

Bike Description

Grey frame with brown secondary colour.  It has a deep dent in the paint on the top left top tube of the frame which is not that big it is small but it has gone deep into the paint.  Scratches on the left side of the left fork.  A tiny little bit of leather is starting to come of from the front of the seat not very noticeable.  Tires were quite worn out.  Carrera sulcata grey 2017

Theft Description

Bike was locked outside gym at around 7:30pm.  Between 8:30pm and 8:35pm I left gym and saw that my brothers bmx which was locked with it was on the floor and the mountain bike had disappeared.  The lock was found to be on the floor and had had a straight cut through it.  The lock was a coded cable lock.