Stolen Carrera bicycles Mountain bike 18 inch frame

, 13th of April at 5 down Donaldson drive paston

Bike Description

The left brake has some little scratches on it when I fell off before also there’s a scratch near the h near the hellcat logo on the top frame when I also fell off , also there’s a lock around the seat that i didn’t take off it’s a key lock

Theft Description

Me and my friends were going down a road when we went past the older teenager's on there mopeds,2 people on each moped,  4 of them all together. however soon as we went past ,they turned around, we tried to get away from them because they were coming for my green and black 18inch frame carrera bike they wouldn’t leave me alone and they just kept beeping at me they had said “his bike “  they wanted my bike however my friends  had raced off and left me when they surrounded me on their mopeds and one of them got off and approached me, he  said “get off” so I stepped off , he had jumped onto my bike and biked off very fast down Donaldson drive with it into paston