Stolen Brompton Bicycle M type

, 05/12/2021 £50
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Bike Description

+/- 7 year old Brompton, chain is a bit rusty. The foam on the left handle has come off a bit. It has small white reflective stickers stuck in different places. It has front and read mud guards.

Theft Description

The biked was left mostly folded and locked (Abus U lock) through frame and both wheels onto a cycle rack at Cambridge Cycle Park near the main station. It was left just around 10:10 am and I found out it had been stolen on the same day (Sunday 05/12/21) at 21:00. It was located on the first floor of the cycle park, near the exist/stairs that lead to the station. The rack was taken off the floor and the bike and lock were slid off. The helmet strap was cut off from the lock and the helmet left on the floor.