Stolen Bordman Team Carbon

, 05/12/19
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  • Crime Reference Number

    Incident number: AS-20191208-1021. Crime Number is: 5219283451

Bike Description

It has black bordman grip tape, 2 x bordman bottle holders, shimano wheels, shimano clip pedals, which have worn patches on the outside of them. I also had my Bordman helmet on the handle bar so that is gone too. The device holder seen in the photo was also still on the bike but this could of been taken off already. I last looked at it about 2 and a half days ago so I'm pretty sure it's been stolen in the last 48 hours.

Theft Description

I didn't realise it had gone until I went to take my bins out last night, it mustve been stolen about 48 hours since then. I want to make it too hot to handle.