Stolen Atlanta Trekkingbike Street Deore (2015)

, 05.04.2018-13.04.2018 £50

Bike Description

-It is a German bike and not available for sale in Great Britain, so I assume mine is the only one around the area. -It is 3 years old. - It is quite big, and has 28 inch wheels - The top bar of the frame is quite unique: it is black and blue striped (see pictures), wider at the front and narrows down towards the seat. -I lost the bell, but the mounting of it is still present on the handlebar. -It doesnt have a back light anymore. -It has a rear rack. -The chain and the gears were a bit rusty -The mudguard of the chain was loose at the backwheel. -The entire wheel at the back had to be exchanged because it had been stolen before (so it is not the original one as on the picture) -The front tyre was also replaced. -The bike seat had little cracks along the seam. -The plastic pedals were replaced with silver metal ones -The gear shifter for the back wheel is a bit flawed, meaning that when you go to a lower gear, the lever has to be brought back into its originl position manually, due to a missing spring.

Theft Description

My bike was stolen whilst I was on a holiday for a week. It was locked in a fenced area, where the fence was topped with barbed wire, on the privat car park of my apartment building, which is secured by a gate. The bike of my neighbour got stolen too during the time, from the same place. If you see something, please let me know! Thank you in advance!