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A useful resource for determining your baseline hardware is “Can You Run It?” That site aggregates system requirements for popular and upcoming PC games, and tells you what the minimum and recommended hardware specs for those titles are (in addition to scanning your current PC for compatibility, if you want that). If you have no idea of what hardware you’ll want in your gaming PC, look ahead at an upcoming game you’ll want to play, like Borderlands 3, and take the recommended requirements as the baseline for your new gaming PC. That way you’ll be set with a system that should run the games you want for years to come.

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Storage is a concern, too. I’d recommend anyone look for a computer with a solid state drive, but if your budget isn’t too big, you can get away with just picking a small SSD just for Windows and a game or two, while picking out a cheaper hard drive for the rest of your storage needs. The benefits of using an SSD are obvious and endless. They fail far less often, they read and write data much faster, you can shrink your startup time down to a few mere seconds, games will load much faster, and the list goes on.