Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Carrera bicycles Karkinos

Between 5pm and midnight, ,

Recovered via police raid of squat.

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Apollo Belmont

4/10/2016, ,

My wife found it dumped on the side of a local shortcut.

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Specialized mountain bike

guildford in front of police station, ,

cycling back home and saw two kids outside a shop one of the little punks had the stolen bike, pure coincidence.

Ghost Tacana 4

Found out someone local was selling it and took it back off them

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Lapierre XR729

17 May 2016, ,

Bike recovered by police within last 3 days, still in good condition. Always keep receipts, frame no etc no matter how long it's been gone, photos help too.

calibre two two

29 september 2016, ,

police caught drug dilers and it was in their possession.

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Carrera bicycles Parva

19th September 2016, ,

I went back to the exact place it was taken - where I tend to have a coffee and I was utterly shocked to find my bike locked up in the exact place it was taken - about 3 metres to the right in the same bike rack. I got under it to check it was mine...

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Pinnacle Dolomite 1 13

4 June 2016, ,

My son's bike was stolen in early June when our garden shed was broken into. The lock was ripped off the door. 6 weeks later we received a call from the Met Police who had recovered ours and another stolen bike from a garage a few miles away. ...

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Bob Jackson Golden Jubilee 1985

25/09/2015, ,

Bike shop eventually traced me by searching online and found this site with it listed

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Cube Analog 2016

25th September , ,

Thanks to some lovely people through this website I got my bike back today!! :-) thank you very much! Shame the bike is hardly rideable as its been abused but nothing I can't get fixed. Also police are useless! Yet again thanks to this website and th...

Reward Offered, 1,174