Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

cannondale synapse 105 carbon

between sat 30th of jan and sun 7th fab 2016, ,

Used Some one emailed me that they had seen my bike on gumtree. Man was arrested with other stolen bikes too.

Giant xtc4

Got the bike back myself

Reward Offered, 555

Marin Bolinas Ridge

Tuesday 2nd February 2016 (between 11am and 4.15pm), ,

Received yet another notification yesterday through this site* about a Marinbike posted for sale on Gumtree - checked it out - no pics, vague description in poor English... Texted the seller to ask for info, received a series of photos in return. I c...

Reward Offered, 629

Cannondale f600

I was browsing on for my bike that was stolen 3 months ago and found someone selling it on Gumtree. I met with police and we managed to recover the bike. However, the thief got away with it somehow. Never lose hope, there'...

Reward Offered, 908

Carrera bicycles VULCAN DISC

Lunchtime on the 28th december 2015, ,

Found the day after thanks to a ma hossive Facebook campaign. Thanks everyone.

Reward Offered, 463

Giant Xtc 3

12 November 2015, ,

Provided privately.

Specialized Hardrock Sport

Between 08/11/15 - 12/11/15, ,

Bike was sold to someone at bootsale. The buyer checked if it was stolen after having it for a few months and informed the police.

Framenumber Supplied 1,289

Dawes Sonoran

10/01/16, ,

Found unlocked near my building

Reward Offered, 419

Apollo Crusader (five speed)

28th November, ,

Randomly spotted it chained up, and phoned the police, who identified it as mine and used bolt cutters to return it to me.

Reward Offered, 518

Klein Bikes Mantra Race

01/01/2016, ,

Finally turned up after chasing yodel for over 2 weeks!

Reward Offered, 570