Stolen Bikes in London

Bikes reported as stolen from in and around London

Boardman Bikes Comp

16 Aug 2013, ,


Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 506

Specialised Alley Race bike Women

Between the 24th and 27th of April, ,

Red woman race bike with new black handles.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 410

Boardman Bikes MX SPORT 2014 Hybrid Men Bike, 49cm

Between the 24th and the 27th of April, ,

Boardman Hybrid Bike, most of the bike is black with some blue and white. White handles.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 426

Black Single Speed Bike with brick-lane-bikes wheels & gear hub.

between 12:30pm - 21:00pm 27 April 2015, ,

Light weight black drop frame, Silver handle bars with single break on right side, Road tyres - one of which BRICK LANE BIKES, Single speed gear hub from BRICK LANE BIKES, Road tyres marked LONDON around side - black with single blue stripe down midd...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 718

Raleigh Airlite

Westminster road, ,

White and green ladies bike with pink flowers. It is a mountain bike with front suspension and Shimano V-brakes. 21 gears.  The seat-post has a circular scratch due to the seat. It is scratch below the 17'' frame.  Has a sticker with a trademark at t...

Reward Offered, 462

? ?

Saturday night - 25/04/15, ,

Light blue ladies bike.  Most noticeable features are the pouch for the bike lock and a squeeky horn, both of which could have feasibly been removed.

Framenumber Supplied 570

Salcano NG333

January 2013, ,

Blue Mountain Bike, distinctive markings include : " Y " shaped frame, two bars per side of back wheel. White writing, and three red stripes. Handlebar ends. Lights, front and rear. Security marked with postcode underneath. 24 gears.

LeMond Racing Cycles Fillmore

Approximately a week ago, ,

Also had hold fast pedal straps.

Framenumber Supplied 638


25/04/2015, ,

53cm, 2015 edition, with lights on

Brick lane bike La Piovra

22nd April, ,

unique looking bike with curved a frame under the saddle- picture below is the bike but with different wheels and now blue tape on bars matt grey with gold La Piovra writing blue (cushioned tape) horn handle bars pointing up H Plus Son front...

Reward Offered, 622

Carrera bicycles Crossfire Ladies

11 April 2015 2030h, ,

Brand new 20 inch Carrera crossfire stolen from basement parking: thief caught on CCTV!

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 597

No Logo Single Speed / Fixed Gear

23/04/2015, ,

Matte Black, fixed gear/single speed bike (was set to fixed gear) with no breaks attached (could've been added). Slight rust to the chain, otherwise in great condition. Black Bullhorn handlebars on the bike, with grip strap covering.