Bike Stolen in London?

Bike Stolen in London?
John Moss
By John Moss
April 5, 2012

If your bike was stolen in London this website is an excellent tool for browsing Gumtree and eBay quickly. A website called Bikeshd was launched in January 2010 to deter thieves from flogging stolen bikes. The website lists bikes for sale in London and was created by Lars Bortfeldt after his bike was stolen and he spent hours scouring sites like Gumtree and eBay trying to find it.

According to the London Cycling Campaign, 23,000 bikes were stolen in London last year – an average of 63 a day – and one in six cyclists who had their bike stolen then spotted it for sale online. It’s just a small step, but Lars hopes the more pressure we put on thieves and the closer we work together with police, the better our chances of cracking down on the substantial amount of bike crime in the city.

Article written by Shelley Lee Jones
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