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Giant FCR 2

  • Reward: Handsome reward for the successful recovery of the bike
  • Stolen On...: Mid to late November 2011, weekday between 9 am and 10 am
  • Stolen From...: Outside Wimbledon Library, Compton Road
  • Frame Number: G07G0663
  • Colour: Red, Black and Grey
Giant FCR 2
Giant FCR 2 - Image 1Giant FCR 2 - Image 2


Taken from the railings outside Wimbledon Library, it was advertised 2 – 3 weeks later on Gumtree by Ben (using the mobile phone number 07884001200). He claimed he bought it from Wimbledon Stadium car boot sale in good faith but had he checked the frame number with the local police station then he would have found out that is was stolen…so why was the bike stripped of the carrier, lights and bottle cage? yet the unique combination of tyres and unbranded wellgo style SPD pedals gave away it’s identity in the picture he posted of it. He even described it as an SCR 2 despite the model written clearly on the frame, and his authoring skills are not that of an illiterate. He continues to sell bikes, some clearly stolen, and others that perhaps are not.
Be warned when dealing with this guy…


6 Responses to “Giant FCR 2”

  1. Did you get your bike back or did Ben manage to sell it?

    • Unfortunately he sold it, I contacted the police, gave them the details but they were too late in stopping the sale and thus no hard evidence to prove conclusively that he was in possession of a stolen bike. If you use his mobile number to search with google or on the gumtree site, lots of bikes are being sold by him. I suspect he has sold other stolen bikes too, judging by the prices and models of the bikes.

      • Have you reported him to the police for selling stolen bikes?

        • Wouldn’t make a difference once it’s sold on the police don’t want to know.

          • That’s usually the case with the police as it happened to somebody on eBay, but if he has stolen property in his possession, he could be arrested for it as I went by the quote:

            ‘lots of bikes are being sold by him. I suspect he has sold other stolen bikes too, judging by the prices and models of the bikes.’

  2. The guy that sold my bike had aprox 13 bikes for sale in london all with conflicting excuses… His “wife” bought him 7 of them for commuting to work but he decided he preferred his landrover.

    Anyway police didn’t do anything about the others… apparently they will only act if the owner of the stolen bike comes forward.

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