Stolen Bikes in Kent

Bikes reported as stolen from in and around Kent

Specialized Hardrock sport 29er (2013 model)

29th July, ,

matte black & red hard rock sport 29er,

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 38

Motobecane Road bike

21/8/15, ,

French bike. 10 speed. Silver mudguards with dynamo lights integral.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 56

Townsend Mount Tobin

5th/6th August 2015, ,

a purple Townsend mount Tobin , good condition. The monetary value of the bike isn't high but it has a lot of sentimental value. it was stolen along with a specialized (which has since been located and the police are now aware of it) the he fir...

Framenumber Supplied 176

Carrera bicycles Vulcan

21/08/15, ,

This bike was stolen early hours of this morning, red frame with black wheels. Very noticeable due to child seat mount on lower part of frame and a storage pack mount underneath saddle. This bike is of huge sentimental value to me and my family as...

Reward Offered, 62

Carrera bicycles Vengeance Limited Edition

21/08/15, ,

This bike was stolen from our shed early hours of this morning in Dover (Tower Hamlets), Kent. The bike stands out with a white seat and has a mount for a gps/trip computer on the handlebars and is missing the left side hand grip. There is a noticeab...

Reward Offered, 41

Viking Notting Hill Disc

11/08/2015, ,

Brand new Viking Notting Hill Disc. White with red lines on it. Still has/ had front light mounting. Black metal mud flaps over both wheels

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 40

Correra Centos ltd 20

03 aug 2015 , ,

Carrera centos 20 inches white

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 71

Trek X-Caliber

Between 9 and 10am 3/8/2015, ,

Ladies mountain bike with 29 inch wheels, Bontrager types.  Bell with yellow bird on handlebars

Carrera Crossfire 2

13/07/2015, ,

The bike had a mobile holder on the handle bar and had two bottle holders attached. It was fairly new as i bought it in 2013 and only started riding it frequently to the station in June.

Framenumber Supplied 58

Viking Crystal

06/07/2015, ,

Very VERY girly bike AND also very recognisable as you don't see many of these kind of bikes in the area . Pearl white frame (with floral decals on both sides of frame) and baby pink on the front and back on bike. It also has a brown wicket basket at...

Framenumber Supplied 91

EBS Street Trend Comfort Gent

29-06-2015, ,

The bike is quite easy to recognise. It is the only of it's kind in the UK.  It is a quite upright city bike equipped with mudguards and chain-guards. It has a 7 speed hub gear and a front dynamo hub with a fixed front light. The bike has coaster br...

Framenumber Supplied 85

bmx bmx

20 30pm, ,

Dark grey/ black bmx with sliver metal handle bars with 2 stump pegs one was silver and one black voodoo there was a lock on the silver handle bars.