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BikeRegister, the only police approved cycle database?

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So BikeRegister claims to be the “only police approved cycle database”. This I believe has been carefully worded to make it appear their are no police approved alternatives to their service which I will debunk below.

The below assumes that by Police Approved, they mean Secure by Design (I see no evidence to say otherwise).

So what does Police Approved/Secure by Design actually mean?

So the Secure by Design scheme is run by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) which is a private company run by various senior police figures.

ACPO in turn owns a Non Profit called Secure by Design whose purpose is to evaluate security products and set standards that these products should achieve.

Getting evaluated doesn’t come cheap (I’ve been quoted a four figure digit for CheckThatBike!) but it does offer some benefits such as use of the logo which is designed to assure customers that your database has been deemed “secure”.

So why is BikeRegisters claim a falsehood?

Simply because there are several Secure by Design property databases which register bikes.

These include

Datatag is the one I currently use on my bikes, they allow you to mark components using microdots so well worth the investment.

Why is this a big deal?

BikeRegister makes several claims on their homepage and this is the second one I’ve found to be on what I believe to be dodgy ground. If they are lying/misleading people on such simply things then it’s not a company I would trust.

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  1. I think you are absolutely right. A security company shouldn’t mislead people. It’s a big loss of credibility.

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